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10 must have AI Chrome extensions for 2024

Best Chrome AI Extensions
Perplexity : Give concise and digestible summaries of online articles, : Track and monitor individual elements on websites so you don’t have to keep checking back again and again
Seamless.AI: Find the perfect emails , Phone numbers , and insights on prospects right on any social media platform.
Jasper: Write about any topic, Product , or niche and watch as it instantly generates plagiarism free content.
Otter : Otter AI transcribes audio from various sources with time-stamped results.
Magical AI : Automate data entry, sending faster messages , and filling out sheets in the blink of an eye.
Merlin: Access ChatGPT-4 for free using the Merlin AI chrome Extension.
NaturalReader : Converts text from websites into speech with customizable voice options.
ParagraphAI: Drafting, format , polish , and perfect your written masterpieces.
tl;dv : one-click recording , instant access, transcripts, and easy time stamping , editing and sharing of your video calls.


If you’re someone who writes a lot on their Chrome browser, especially writers or bloggers, then Grammarly should be on the top of your list of AI extension tools. The phrasing that is used is quite powerful and it uses AI algorithms that check all your grammar, spellings and punctuations in real-time to make sure that your work has no error at all. It is also equipped with word choice recommendations and sentence restructuring features, which can be used to polish your writing skills greatly.


It becomes overwhelming when you have to remember the various passwords! The LastPass is here to rescue you! This AI-powered password manager is your virtual vault where everything is securely stored and fill in automatically on your behalf. It is a multi-purpose password manager which also secures each of your accounts by creating distinctive and very strong passwords, thus preventing any hacker’s entrance to your system. With LastPass, you may leave behind the trouble of memorizing many passwords and take your mind off those but important matters instead.


Considering that you are a content developer or a person who have to follow the latest trends, Feedly is actually an AI extension that you just can’t live without. This tool relies on AI-powered algorithms to render news feeds tailored towards your preferences. Additionally, it saves your time and effort spent on searching for pertinent material. By Feedly, you are on the edge of anything whether on a website, in a blog or the latest trend for what’s happening.


Momentum won’t only add productivity to your life; it is a prohibitive competition. This AI-centered add-on instead of your new tab site gives you only the beautiful, personalized page which shows tasks for a day, weather, daily focus and inspiring quotes. In addition, there is a “focus” mode, which blocks the sites that distract, and enables you to make the right choice to remain attentive. Via Momentum, you will be able to begin your day with state of mind that is guaranteed to be clear and focused as well.


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