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10 AI Tools You Can Use to Grow on LinkedIn

10 AI Tools You Can Use to Grow on LinkedIn

With the help of LinkedIn, numerous employees and managers have realized that it is crucial to be a member of such a platform. It has more than 740 million users, which means that it’s an ideal platform for networking with employers, clients, and partners. However, due to the large numbers of users, it is hard to make that all important first impression and be noticed. And that is where AI tools come into the picture. These are some of the advanced technologies that are likely to help you level up your LinkedIn presence. Below are ten AI tools that can help you grow on LinkedIn.

1. Crystal

In another episode, Crystal helps individuals communicate with various kinds of people by using artificial intelligence to scan over LinkedIn profiles. It employs personality profiling and interpersonal communication style to guide you in shaping your messages to your target population. This can be particularly beneficial for contacting possible clients or partners.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a lead generation and sales intelligence tool that is powered with artificial intelligence. It works with AI algorithms to show you many leads for your chosen audience type and tracks your performance with each of them. It also offers guidance on how one can optimise their sales plan.

3. CrystalKnows

CrystalKnows is another tool for leveraging your personality assessment to communicate with your linked connection. It offers insights about your connections with rich data about them that include their approach to communication, areas of proficiency and areas of vulnerability. This can be useful when writing to potential supervisors or when requesting a collaboration.

4. Lusha

Lusha is an artificial intelligence tool that provides you the correct contact details of your linked connection. For instance, it searches for contact information on the web and updates it in real-time with the help of sophisticated algorithms. This can be extremely useful when you are attempting to contact potential clients or partners in business.

  1. LinkedIn Helper
    LinkedIn Helper is an AI system which assists you in scheduling your connection requests on the LinkedIn. What it does is to incorporate AI algorithms to customize your communications and share them with a selected number of connections. It can save considerable amount of time and energy for the user and will offer him or her to dig into the process of relationship building with the connection.

    6. LinkedIn Talent Insights
    LinkedIn Talent Insights is an artificial intelligence business solution that provides organizations with information on qualified personnel in their relevant industries on LinkedIn. This hits over 800 million profiles of linked in users and offer market trend, skill provision and diversity intelligence. This can be quite useful for businesses seeking additional talent in their organization or those that are looking to enhancing their recruitment approach.

    7. People. ai
    People. ai is an AI tool that provides you a summary of your LinkedIn activity along with an estimation of the impact you get. It helps to analyze users’ connections, posts, activity, and gives recommendations on how to promote the client’s profile on LinkedIn. This can be useful for marketing managers and any other professionals who are concerned with the creation of their LinkedIn personal brand.

    8. Socedo
    Socedo is an Artificial Intelligent tool that identifies your potential leads on LinedIn and also engages them. It employs artificial intelligence to understand the population you need to reach, and it can send messages to the intended individuals. This can be particularly helpful for those who are interested in growing their audience on LinkedIn, especially for those who are involved in business.

    9. LinkedIn Content Suggestions
    LinkedIn Content Suggestions is a smart innovation that aids users to search for and share content on LinkedIn. It employs the AI algorithms to analyze your interests, and connection and display a list of articles, videos, and images to share with your connections. This might be useful for anyone who is using LinkedIn as a platform for sharing content and positioning themselves as an expert in their industry.

    10. LinkedIn Talent Hub

    LinkedIn Talent Hub is an artificial intelligence-based tool that can assist businesses to manage their talent acquisition process effectively. It helps them find a match between the jobs posted and prospective candidates, as well as how to get the process right in writing job descriptions and appealing to candidates. This can be useful in cases where someone wants to promote a business and look for people with interesting profiles in the LinkedIn network.


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