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Top 10 AI tools for music makers in 2024

The field of music production, which is constantly experimenting with the ideas, has undergone a transformation in recent years. In this century of innovations, artificial intelligence has emerged to be prominent and has made significant impacts in music production, composing, and even augmentation. AI has has turned into a fundamental part of music production across all levels.

Amper is a game-changer for music creators. With such limited input, it is capable of coming up with new compositions from the sheer fundamentals. There are no previous materials or loops incorporated into the song. Whether it is composing music, performing it or even recording it, Amper has got you covered. Especially suitable for content creators it provides unlimited opportunities in expression and creation.

AIVA – Easy Emotional Soundtracks
Meet AIVA, an AI composer for creating a heart-touching music. Whether it’s ads, video games, or movies, AIVA knows how to get down to business and compose music that will resonate. That includes different versions of the existing tracks which make corporate and social media video creation easy without having to license any music.

Brain fm – Music for Productivity
Through the use of artificial intelligence, Brain fm composes music that helps to improve efficiency and concentration. Created by some scientists, it promises great outcomes within 10 to 15 minutes. Even though it is not for music production, Brain fm is a must-try for anyone in search of a concentration enhancement.
Ecrett Music – Scene and Mood Soundtracks
Ecrett Music offers music for certain scenes and situations, from parties to solemn occasions. Select your theme, type “Create Music,” and the system will compose the right background music for your video. It is especially useful for content creators who want a simple music background without much effort.

Soundful – Easy and Unique Royalty-Free Music
Here, Soundful looks unique with its AI-based music generation feature that doesn’t require any input from the users. Choose a genre, set up your filters and create tracks that you have never heard before with just a few clicks. undefined The AI that Soundful has cannot recreate existing one, making them unique. This tool is useful for producers, creators, and brands.

Soundraw – AI-Enhanced Customization works together with both phrases generated by the AI and other manual toolsets where you can work on your music. It has an improvisation and tuning feature for the composed piece of music. In addition to having a limited number of downloads, the free users can only create music.

Zotope’s Neutron – AI for Audio Mixing and Processing
Neutron from iZotope is an unprecedented advancement in the world of mixing and music production due to reliance on artificial intelligence. This tool adds clarity as well as effectiveness in audio mixing methodology tailored for all level of users: basic and advanced.

The use of artificial intelligence in composing and producing music has opened one of the most creative times in the music industry. Thanks to AI, the music industry has been able to break the barriers and come up with solutions that meet the expectations of musicians, content producers, and even audio engineers. In addition to increasing efficiency and facility in the creation of music, these AI tools also make the quality of music production more egalitarian.


Humtap is an AI based mobile app for music creation where users can create music by humming on their mobile phone. The user’s voice is also identified by the AI algorithms and then translated to a melody in the application. Users can also select different melodies, accents and instruments for composing a complete song. These individuals highlighted the idea that with Humtap, anyone can create music, no matter how skilled they are.

Magenta is an open source AI music/ art platform created by Google and consists of art, engineers, & researchers making it ideal for music creators. For example with Magenta, music makers can try out various AI modes to create more music – from creating notes to training a neural network to generate music in a certain mode.

Based on the nature of its features, LANDR is an Artificial Intelligence powered tool for mastering music tracks. Using its sophisticated algorithms, LANDR is capable of understanding the whole massive spectrum of an audio and make required changes to the equalizer, compressor and other processors in order to deliver a balanced sounding. This tool is revolutionary for indie artists as it allows them to cut out third-party mastering services all together.


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