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GitHub Launches New AI Tool to Automatically Fix Code Bugs

GitHub has launched a new AI feature code scanning automatic and fixed auto, This feature not accessible in public beta for GitHub Advanced for Security customers.This innovative tool is designed to help developers and programmers The goal of this tool is to get the most out of it in the least amount of time The purpose of this tool is to remove bugs as quickly as possible

Powered via GitHub Copilot and CodeQL , GitHub’s code analysis engine, this feature extends its insurance to over 90% of alert types in numerous programming languages, consisting of JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and Python. it’s miles engineered to provide code recommendations that resolve vulnerabilities results easily, allowing builders to pay attention on coding rather than solving vulnerabilities. you can easily watch this video Code scanning autofix.

GitHub’s new tool works by using the CodeQL engine with Heuristics and the GitHub Copilot APIs this integration automatically generates code suggestions when a vulnerability is detected in a supported language. Developers are provided with a natural language description of the proposed fix and a preview of the code proposal, which they can accept, modify or reject according to their preferences.

Emphasizing GitHub’s concept of “Meaning Found Fixed,” GitHub envisions an application security environment where vulnerabilities are addressed immediately. GitHub Advanced Security is already enabling teams to resolve issues seven times faster than traditional security tools. The introduction of Code Scanning Auto Fixing  is a step forward in reducing the accumulation of “application security debt”, enabling developers to address vulnerabilities seamlessly during the coding process. Further expanding its support, GitHub plans to add more programming languages, with C# and Go expected as the next additions.

The company is actively seeking feedback from users to improve the Auto Fix experience and invites them to join discussions on Auto Fix feedback and resources.(Edited)Restore original In a detailed blog post, the GitHub engineering team provides great insight into how Code Scanning AutoFix works. The post describes how the tool leverages a large language model to suggest code modifications that solve problems without changing the code core. It also highlights the use of pre- and post-processing heuristics to manage complexities encountered in real-world coding scenarios.


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