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60 AI Tools to Replace Your Boring Job

60 AI Tools to Replace Your Boring Job

60 Artificial Intelligence Tools to Make Your Boring Job More Fun
Do you feel bored in your working place because you repeat the same routine every day? Have you ever wished you could get all of those time-consuming jobs done for you so you could spend more time doing work you prefer? Well, good news for you – with the help of AI, your monotonous work can be easily substituted by something more engaging and complex. In this article, we have outlined 60 AI tools that can completely transform how you work.

1. Grammarly
It is time to forget about such nuisances as proofreading and grammatical mistakes with Grammarly. This powerful tool will not only flag your spelling and grammar mistakes but also notifies you of the right structure and proper choice of words to use. It’s like having an editor by your side who is ready to help you at any given moment.

2. Hootsuite
Social media management is quite tedious, but with Hootsuite, one can create and archive posts, monitor statistics, and work with several accounts at once. It also provides options of the right time to post on social media in order to gain the largest response.

3. Evernote
Take all your notes, ideas, and to-do lists in one place with Evernote. This is not just a note-taking application, but one that uses artificial intelligence to enable the input of text by typing and saving notes as well as voice-to-text and image-to-text notes.

4. Zoom
Due to COVID-19, working from home has become rampant and therefore, video conferencing has become a necessity in the workplace. Zoom features artificial intelligence noise suppression to filter out unwanted background noises and virtual backgrounds to cover up embarrassing backgrounds.

5. Canva
Essentially, Canva makes it easy for a user to create beautiful graphics and presentations. This tool allows users to create tools and designs that are sleek and well-designed without having to be a professional designer.

6. Trello
Organize your projects and share ideas with team members using Trello. This is an AI-enabled tool for project management where users can create boards, lists, and cards to track tasks and due dates and even receive recommendations on what tasks should be prioritized.

7. Otter. ai
If you have difficulties in taking notes during meetings or lectures, Otter. ai is the best way to go. This can be used as an audio recording as well as transcription tool in real time and the content can always be referred to later.8. Monday. com
Optimize your team productivity with Monday. com. This project management tool is developed using Artificial Intelligence that can customize boards and automation to track tasks, due dates, and progress to enhance teamwork.Lucidchart
Use Lucidchart to draw diagrams that explain ideas and processes. This is an artificial intelligence-based tool that provide templates and recommendations on how to create a flowchart, mind map, and other graphics to convey your message more efficiently.

10. Calendly
Booking meetings and appointments can be a tiresome process, but with Calendly, the process is made easy. This is an AI scheduling software that works with your calendar and lets others schedule appointments with you without bothering you.

11. Zendesk
Customer support is often challenging, but with Zendesk, things are easier. This help desk software has features such as auto responders and chat bots which make it easier to offer support to your customers in the right manner.

12. Buffer
As much as it may be challenging to handle many social media accounts, Buffer makes it easy to manage, schedule, and even analyze posts across multiple accounts. This tool also provides advice on content and optimal time for posting in order to achieve the highest audience interaction.

13. Slack
Slack simplifies communication and collaboration within teams. This Smart messaging platform offers easy and structured messaging with functionalities like; channels, personal messaging and interconnection with other apps.

14. Zoom. ai
Bring efficiency to your meetings with Zoom. ai’s virtual assistant. It can organize meetings, send calendar reminders and even conduct research and information search so that you can pursue other tasks.

15. Mailchimp
In essence, email marketing is a time-consuming process but with Mailchimp, it becomes easier. Some of the features of this tool include audience targeting and recommendation that will assist you when designing your emails.

16. Asana
As a project and task management tool, use Asana to monitor your progress. This project management software is an AI-based software that provides functions like task distribution, tracking of progress, and timely reminders to improve team productivity and efficiency.

17. Everlaw
Everlaw is beneficial for legal professionals in the sense that it helps them to reduce their work and provide the same results with ease and effectiveness. Concepts like, predictive coding and document review simplifies the process of e-discovery through this AI powered tool.

18. Zoom. ai
Another virtual assistant also in the market is Zoom. ai can provide services like calendar and document management, or even saving bills for you to have a proper time management and appointments calendar.

19. Adobe Scan
Check out Adobe Scan to learn how to turn your paper mess into a digital file. This particular iPhone and Android application involves the use of Artificial Intelligence to automatically scan documents through image recognition to produce sharp and improved organization of your papers.

1. Image
– LeapAI
– Segmind -Midjourney
2. Research
– ChatGPT
– Perplexity
– BingChat
3. Writing
– Jasper
– Writesonic
– Hemingway
4. CopyWriting
– TextBlaze
– AdCopy
– Copy AI
5. Website
– 10Web
– Style AI
– Durable
6. Video
– Klap
– Eightify
– InVideo
– Runway
7. SEO
– VidIQ
– Seona AI- BlogSEO
8. Automation
– Make
– Zapier
– Bardeen
9. Design
– Canvas
– Flair AI
– designify
– Clipdrop
– Autodraw
– Magician design
10. Productivity
– writesonic
– Notion AI
– Adobe Sensei
11. Social media management
– Tribescaler
– Blackmagic
– Xblue
12. Marketing
– Pencil
– Ai-Ads
– AdCopy
– Simplified
13. Audio
– Lovo ai
-Eleven labs
– Songburst AI
-Adobe Podcast
14. Prompts
– FlowGPT
– Alicent AI
– PromptBox
– Promptbase- Snack Prompt
15. Chatbot
– Droxy
– Chatbase
– Mutual info
– Chatsimple
Which one is your Favorite?


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