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Typing to AI assistants could be the preferred method

Privacy Concerns: It may not be comfortable to use voice commands in public since it is embarrassing and may cause an inconvenience to others. Being a digital medium, most people prefer typing to AI assistants to ensure they keep their identity concealed.
New iOS 18 Feature: Apple revealed that iOS 18 will improve the Type to Siri by allowing users to first double-tap the screen then making suggestions.
Voice Command Limitations: Voice assistants hardly perform well in background noise and at times fail to capture the commands that are passed to them correctly.
User Preferences: A similar study conducted by PwC in 2018 showed that 74% of consumers feel uncomfortable to use voice assistants in public places since it is embarrassing.
Accessibility: Voice commands come in handy in instances whereby one cannot afford to use his or her hands such as driving; however, having two methods of operation is more convenient.
When communicating with AI assistants, typing is more private and convenient than talking, thus, commonly preferred in public places.

Writing to AI Assistants May Be the New Trend

Today technology plays a very important role in our lives, and everybody without any doubt knows that. From the communication gadgets like smart phones to homes that are fully automated we are always in contact with the gadgets. In recent years, smart assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are now considered one of the most significant developments in technology. Such virtual assistants have gained much popularity and are now employed by millions of individuals globally. Nevertheless, depending on them for several tasks, have you ever thought of how we interact with them?

Reflections on the Development of AI Assistants
Artificial intelligence helpers have evolved significantly over the years. They were initially designed only to respond to voice commands, but now they are able to do much more. They can better interpret human language with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). This has made them an effective tool in the business and personal world. Yet, there is one aspect of communication that has not been touched upon โ€“ typing.

Voice Commands: Their Advantages and Disadvantages
It is the same case with voice commands, which despite being effective and efficient, also have their drawbacks. First of all, they create certain disturbances, for example, in an office or any public area. Furthermore, not all people can freely talk to their devices in front of other people. On the same note, voice commands are also known to be imprecise from time to time. They can misunderstand words or commands making them frustrated and ruining a lot of time. This is where typing to AI assistants comes in.

Advantages of Typing to AI Assistants
That is why typing to AI assistants is the best of both worlds. It allows the convenience of the assistant without the interruption that comes with voice commands. It also removes ambiguity since the user enters a clear statement of what they want done. Another advantage of this method of communication is that it offers privacy since the user does not have to utter their request out loud. However, typing can be more beneficial for some purposes, for instance, when sending emails or looking for information.

The Rise of Chatbots
Another type of AI assistants are chatbots that mostly work through typed messages. These are AI chatbots that are designed to interact with the users. They are often integrated into customer support and are capable of processing many questions simultaneously. One of the most evident advantages of using chatbots is that they can deliver instant and accurate information. With the use of chatbots present in peopleโ€™s lives, typing to AI assistants is becoming even more familiar.

Communication with AI Assistants in the Future
Typing to AI assistants will, therefore, become the order of the day as the AI technology expands and evolves in the future. These assistants will further be enhanced by the incorporation of NLP and ML to be more efficient in handling typed requests. They will also start to appear more lifelike in terms of how they engage with the user, making it more realistic. It also predicts that AI assistants will be integrated into different industries like healthcare and education, which will also contribute to the necessity of effective and reliable interaction.

Perhaps, typing to AI assistants is the way to go in this digital age of technology. This is a better, efficient, precise, and personal method of interacting with these virtual assistants. With technological advancement, communication methods are also bound to change with time, and using a computer to type to an AI virtual assistant is not far from being realized.


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