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Top 8 AI Tools for Creating the Perfect 3D Business Card

Creating the 3D Business Card: Best 8 AI Tools
There is no better way to grasp this idea than in the current business context that is characterized by a rapid pace of growth. And what’s more fitting as an introduction than a 3D business card?

What is a 3D Business Card then?
A 3D business card is a card of the latest generation, it is an alternative to a traditional business card. Compared to the typical two dimensional format of cards, a 3D business card offers the viewer a three dimensional picture through the use of the technological devices. This makes it more distinctive as a business card and one is likely to remember the card and the company they represented when they meet in social functions such as, Business fairs and client lunches.

Why is it Worthy to Build a 3D Business Card Using AI Tools?
Despite the effectiveness of the print graphic design strategies to design business cards, the integration of intelligence technologies goes a notch higher. Business cards are utilized quantity to create a particular message about the business and are not immune to AI (Artificial Intelligence) altering the way they are designed and distributed. AI tools do not need to take long like graphic designers to come up with professional designs as it will take just a few minutes.

Meta AI: A ultimate logo maker for creating 3D logos
In general, 3D business card creating, the logo section is considered to be one of the most important among the others. With the Meta AI, you can just type them in, and then get a 3D logo that can serve you well in making your business card extraordinary. Meta AI has integrated sophisticated algorithms to develop exquisite logos; thus, it is the right platform for firms that need to upgrade their brand images.

Best 8 AI interfaces to create 3D business cards
Now that you know the benefits of using AI tools for creating 3D business cards, let’s take a look at the top 7 tools available in the market:Now that you know the benefits of using AI tools for creating 3D business cards, let’s take a look at the top 7 tools available in the market:

1. Canva
Canva is quite a popular option when it comes to graphic design and it has all the typical templates such as the 3D business card designs. Thus, due to features like drag-and-drop navigation, as well as other conveniences, Canva is ideal for both new users and experienced specialists.

2. Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is versatile design software that can be used for making different 3d models. In this regard, it avails itself in a range of instruments and options that enable users to design attractive business cards for their businesses.

  1. Crello
    Crello is an online design application that provides many templates and 3D business cards among them. However, it has a friendly user interface to assist the newcomer who has little to no experience in designing anything at all.

    4. Designhill
    Designhill is a website that provides services for creation of the unique business card or other print designs, including 3D business cards. The designing is unlimited and flexible and you can even collaborate with professional card designers to come up with a suitable organizational card.

    5. Logo Maker
    The name you choose indicates that you mainly focus on creating logos for your clients. Still, it allows users to create 3D business card templates, so those businesses that are in need of a stunning design should check it out.

    6. Placeit
    It involves the use of Placeit, an online design tool, that has design templates for most of the marketing materials including 3D business cards. However, to avail of these aspects, you have to register and it also has an image and graphics gallery that you can use in designing.

    7. Design Wizard
    Design Wizard is an application for designing products which can be personalized and the 3D business card is one of them. Not only is it easy to use but it also comes with numerous templates and hence can be used for designing websites for beginners and professional web designers.

  2. Meta AI
    Meta AI is a design tool that incorporates Artificial Intelligence in its function and one of the main services it provides is the Meta AI Generated Logo where Artificial Intelligence designs a 3D logo for your business depending on the name of your business and the type of industry. Thanks to the introduced flexibility of options, the created logo can be easily integrated into the design of the business card so that the final result would be impressive and memorable for potential clients.

Whereas, in this modern era, it is pertinent to follow the modern trend so that you can beat your counterparts. In this article, the author was able to prove that with AI tools, coming up with a 3D business card is not a herculean task. From creating professional logos in 3D to creating stylish and memorable business cards, AI technologies are an efficient and rather cheap means for business entities. Hence it is fruitful to consider obtaining a 3D business card as opposed to a standard business card.


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